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Designed for Event Visionaries and Organizers handling large-scale gatherings.

Graphical & animated content doubled, tripled, maybe even quadrupled. And this while becoming more efficient, flexible and using dynamic systems to keep content up to date without hassle. All content linked to a central database for easy updates.

When you join the Revolution

These are the Benefits you'll notice with our -Dynamic Linked Content - System.


Simplified & Faster Project Management

You often find yourself repeatedly writing down details, which not only takes time but also makes project management more challenging. But with our revolutionary approach, you'll experience automation, making content changes quick and project management a breeze. Writing VIP names the wrong way will be a thing of the past.


Recycling Content 2.0

While others do reuse content, our approach takes it to another level. You can easily adapt and build upon existing content, saving time and resources. Giving you options for the future to build upon your event. You can even share resources and systems between your events. Increasing ROI.


Quick Changes are a Breeze

Traditional methods make it hard to adapt to last-minute alterations. Our solution, driven by automation, ensures rapid content adjustments for those unexpected shifts. You need to be flexible; you need a content partner who is equally flexible. Last minute changes in line-up aren't a challenge anymore


Scaling Made Simple - Infinity Becomes Reachable

You're not just looking for an easier path to growth; you need the ability to scale up your already significant events. Our solution empowers you to handle more content, even in large events, effortlessly, sparking a new era of scalability. Every attendee of your event could get their personalized content if you want.


Reliable Partner during Dark Times

When faced with event cancellations or challenges, we are the dependable partner you can count on. You won't have to worry because we've got your back, ensuring your event's success even in the toughest of situations. Our dynamic system makes sure that no content will be wasted.



In an era of AI challenges and uncertainty, our company is designed with the foresight that AI will play a part in the creative process. We're ready to scale and evolve alongside AI advancements, future-proofing your event content needs.



"Daniel heb ik leren kennen rondom HTUSM. Hij maakte zich zeer kenbaar door te laten zien wat hij in huis had. Nadat ik door had hoeveel kennis hij had over zijn vak, was het voor mij geen moeilijke keus om hem te betrekken bij het evenement zelf. In no-time, twee weken voordat het evenement begon heeft hij zoveel waarde geleverd, dat hij nu een essentieel onderdeel geworden is voor het HTUSM team. Hij denkt mee, neemt initiatief en wil graag het beste voor zijn klanten. Het is een kwestie van tijd dat hij een prominente plek inneemt in de event industrie."

Miro Vermeeren, Grow Coaching Business


"Bij HTUSM was Daniel ineens daar; de hulp die we nodig hadden om het event in de juiste banen te begeleiden. In no time wist Daniel zich aan te passen en gelijk een grote hoeveelheid werk uit ons handen te nemen. De snelheid en consistentie dat aanpassingen werden doorgevoerd was geen enkel probleem. Hoe hij het doet snap ik niet, maar het is heel fijn dat in de chaos aanpassingen konden worden gemaakt; dit was eerder zelfs bij marketingbureaus in het verleden een doorn in het oog. Ook bood Daniel inzichten om zelfs crowdcontrol te verbeteren, hij denkt mee en biedt oplossingen aan zelfs buiten zijn diensten."

Kaley Seraja, Grow Coaching Business

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Who is Making these Big Promises?

Who is behind all this? And why trust him? A Backstory & Testimonials

I'm Daniel van Veldhoven, the one behind StrmCtrl (StreamControl). I started this company after working for more than 15 years in the 2D & 3D animation industry and 10 years in the events. In this constantly evolving world and industry, I aim to make a difference by focusing on the technology that drives all creative endeavors.Leveraging technology to enhance my workflow, but also my own creative interests. A colleague of mine ones said; "You're are the person who, compared to others, uses technology to drive your inspiration & creativity."StrmCtrl is the accumilation and expression of all the knowledge I rathered and putting it to the world by helping others express their own ideas, visions, branding & creative story telling. I want to solve the issues that events face in combination with graphics & animation - while enhancing the experiance of the audiance.

So what are my credentials? What did I do to earn my badges and understand the industry?First half of my time within my carreer were spend as a VJ and animator. I quickly grew and started building up towards bigger and bigger shows. Within 3 years I managed to VJ & Build a show for Qlimax; which was my goal when I started my carreer. Beside that I did shows for Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Supremacy, Syndicate, got to work and create content for EDC (Electronic Daisy Carnaval Las Vegas), Vrienden van Amstel Live, 538 Koningsdag, Andre Hazes and many shows.Towards the end I helped out the the VJ of Afrojack (Dvizion - Angelo Isenia) with advancing and traveled around the world. During that time I got in deeper touch with technology and helped out Resolume with tech support.After a little break I continued in the event industry but from another focus. I joined Editz and started working on campaigns for the Event Industry. Here I contineuned my journey of 2D & 3D animation. There I worked on trailers, marketing-campaigns, live-streams, vj-shows and anything related to the event industry.Noteble clients that were helped during that time were: Defqon.1, Xqlusive Holland, Power Hour (The Movie), Warrior Workout, Masters of Hardcore, Decibell, Dominator, Supremacy, Syndicate, Atmosfearz, Angerfirst & Warface.

FAQ / Your Questions Answered

Showing up with New Technology & Big Promises.We understand you might be sceptical and have some questions.

And if you can't find what you are looking for - you can always send a message, we'll help you out. All new repeating questions are added to this page.

"Why should I consider switching to StrmCtrl from traditional event content creation methods?"

Running an event is already expensive enough. The current economic trend isn't looking favorable and everybody is screaming for attention on the social media platforms. Traditional event content still has it's place; when creating Trailers or Aftermovies; you'll still need specialist who will focus on every single frame and handcraft them towards perfection.However, many promotional & infographical materials can be easily automated. Line-ups, Signages, Menu's, Floorplan and other informational elements can be re-used for your next event when using smart systems. Even if the design of the event changes, we can easily change along with it. Not to mention that continues changes before (and even during) the event can be easily adjusted/changed without hastle.And the best use case for our system is when your event repeats every period. Ones a system is in place, it will take very little time to adjust it to a new date (even after a rescheduling/cancelation). This gives you two options, scale your content even more or get the same content at a reduced cost.PS: As technology develops; more and more elements can be intergraded into our system. The more often you use a piece of content, the cheaper it gets with each iteration

"Is the cost of using your service justified compared to traditional content creation methods?"

The name of the game is efficiancy. Yes you will pay more by the hour because of the specialist required and new technologies. But you'll see a return in already in the first event, if not, the second event will definatly see an higher ROI. ROI with creative endavours wasn't always high, you always needed somebody to rebuild it or change it. However, at StrmCtrl we want to create the highest ROI possible so that running your event becomes less "risky".

"How complex is the technology behind StrmCtrl, and do I need specialized knowledge to use it?"

The technology behind StrmCtrl is complex and requires many years of experiance in different expertises. However, you as client won't notice much from it. You'll be working with tools that you already know (Google Sheets) and in some cases; when your event requires it; it will have a dedicated app setup in such a way; that your team can easily work with it.

"How customizable is the content created with StrmCtrl for specific event themes and branding?"

There is no limitation. Our system can handle most elements. We always discuss the creative details with the client and from there we can easily scale. If any changes are still requested midway, than usually that shouldn't be a problem. In some cases we can create stuff that wasn't possible before.

"What is the typical turnaround time for creating content with StrmCtrl?"

We can't put a specific time on this, because that fully depends on the request of the client. The more complexity it needs; the longer we have to work with. However, it is possible to create 1.000.000 (1mil) different pieces of content in one day (excluding export time). When we have creative sessions with you; we will let you know what is possible and what isn't. And look for solutions within your budget. - The massive benefit is; that whenever something is ready. It can be re-used indefinatly for future events.Example: If you require a complex system that is custom made for every single scenario; than it could take a week to create it. But the event that follows up, might only request one hour of your time. We are not just building content, we are building systems that create content.

"Are there any case studies or examples of StreamControl's effectiveness at large-scale events?"

We have case-studies that we can show and we even have a demo option. Both options can be seen during a demo-call so you can feel the difference. In the future we will showcase these case-studies on our public profiles.

"How reliable is the StrmCtrl system during live events?"

Currently we only focus on exporting content to different formats. So stability during live-events is more related towards other suppliers. However, currently we are in the research & development fase to look if we can put our content into live-events. So that data changes can be directly reflected during the event without the need for export. But this is a feature we can't currently provide yet.

"Does automated content creation with StrmCtrl compromise on quality and creativity?"

Even if it does sound that automation will compromise on quality and creativity; the system is not alike online tools that you see around that don't provide many options. We still build everyting custom made for your event. We've found that we create more options regarding creativity. Designers love working with us because they can fully focus on what they do best - designing. We just take the boring monotome task from them. So your designers will have more time to create new stuff, while we enhance it with data & animations.There is one feature we can't deliver at the moment; and that is the ability to export audio along with video. This is currently being tackled and we expect that in the very near future we will be able to export audio. Thankfully a lot of the content that we make don't often need audio. But it is something to keep in mind. We have some other solutions in place if there is must for audio, but that requires a bit of the old traditional way of working.

"What measures does StrmCtrl take to ensure the security and privacy of event data?"

Our data isn't stored locally on the computer. We protect the data on the Google Workspace enviroment which has enterprise protection. On top of this we also require everybody within the organisation to work with password managers and 2FA. Whenever we need the data, our software will pull the data from Google.

"Can StrmCtrl's Dynamic Link Database be integrated with my existing event management software?"

That depends on the management software itself. Thankfully many software companies understand the importance that you should be able to share data. And form of API or the ability to download an table such as a ".csv" and it will work fine. But this is something that we always need to check before we start with the project. Some elements can't be found in event management software; in such cases we use already set in place system.

"What resources are available to help my team learn to use StrmCtrl efficiently?"

The resources are the specialist you are going to work with. They will guide you trough anything and even build custom made sheets to organize the data.If a question arises from the clients in large; than we'll consider creating dedicated resources for it.We are also looking at creating resources that are more Universal and can be used by any creative.

"Can StrmCtrl handle the content needs of very large events as efficiently as smaller ones?"

The bigger the event; the more efficient it will handle the content needs. The larger amount of content and variation you need, the easier it becomes. It is actually the smaller events that would struggle more. That's why we generally only accept clients that have atleast 10.000 event visitors a year.

"Are there any technical specification on our side that we need to be aware of?"

No technical specifications are needed to work with us. The only thing you need is a system, a browser and a internet connection. You have that already because you are reading this.

"How does StrmCtrl facilitate the management of a large volume of event content?"

First off all we predefine where the content needs to go. Usually a dropbox or a google drive so everybody who needs acces; can acces it. With our software we can easily program proper naming conventions for files and put them into the right folders directly. Ones that is set up; we don't have to manually keep it up to date.If the amount of content becomes so large that even a proper filenaming convention isn't enough. Than we will have the ability to output data alongside the content. This can be done in a way of a .JSON file, but we can also update and spreadsheet automaticly with the status of the content. There are even options to connect with other software with the use of API.

"Does StrmCtrl support content creation in multiple languages for international events?"

This is one of the benefits of working with data. Language is just one form of data that can be easily translated into other languages if needed. We can simply build some system rules when dealing with multiple languages and you will have a new set of content that you can use.

"We like our Designers, can you work with them? Intergrade their graphics?"

Definatly. We fully understand that you love the designers you currently work with. I'm pretty sure they will love to work with us as well as they understand the annoyances and headaches that come with last minute changes. Put us in a room and you will see us geek out over all the little details.

"If I need a specific feature, can StrmCtrl develop custom solutions for my event?"

Yes, the software that we use allows us to create and develop custom solutions for an event. We've haven't encountered any issues as for now. The question is rather; how long does it take to develop the custom solution.

"Does StrmCtrl offer analytics on the performance and engagement of the content?"

We don't focus on marketing; the focus is purely on the creation of graphics and animated content linked with a database. Non the less; I'm sure your marketing team will love us. We can help with proper A/B testing and we love data. So we would be a right fit.

"What is StrmCtrl's disaster recovery plan in case of a system outage?"

We ensure plans that even if the building breaks down or catches fire; that within 24h we will have a new system set up ready to take up the pace again.

"What steps does StrmCtrl take to ensure that its operations are environmentally sustainable?"

This is a beneficial side effect of our system. We weren't planning to focus on enviromental issues, but we still managed to achieve the following.1. Our data is linked to our content; our project files are much smaller than traditional ways. Some of our files that contain the whole project are less than a 1mb (excluding asset files). When using vector files; we'll forsee that we can keep full festival projects below the 10mb. Less server space is needed, reducing cost and impact. It will be a matter of time whenever we can put multiple projects of massive events into a single USB if we wanted to.2. When Exporting files; we directly export to the format needed for broadcast. We try to avoid loss-less formats as much as possible so that the client doesn't need the biggest database either (when working with our content). On top of that, all exported files that have been used already will be deleted. Only the most frequently used or "dateless" content will stay. Specially with hunderds and hunderds pieces of content; it is smart to manage it.3. We take labour that takes time and automate it. No more system online longer than needed. No designer anymore making changes all by hand which takes hours.4. Optimizing render times. Rendering hunderds of different videos will take time one way or another. So we are always looking to optimize it so it will take less time, therefore less energy.

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Free Event Sheet Content Organiser

▶ Ever had that you wrote the VIP name the wrong way?
▶ And that it almost got posted with online content?
▶ That felt quite embarrasing right?

Reduce the chance to create errors when communicating what is needed for graphical content. With this sheet you only need to create one list with all the artist names.The sheet will filter the information to generate multiple other lists. Use however you want it. Learn from it, change it, break it. It is yours now.I only hope it will save you from headaches and time wasted writing new lists again and again.